Vaping Among Athletes


Vaping, being a part of modern culture, has received lots of attention from various types of public and health organizations. In fact, it is still quite a controversial hobby today. Some people still believe that vaping is both fashionable and healthy; some are strictly opposed to the activity because they are absolutely reckoned to the possible onset of health danger of vape pens’ use.

People of various backgrounds are into vaping. From time to time, you can meet a top manager vaping alongside a shop assistant and a nurse. A common interest unites these people in vaping not by other social environments. The thing is that some professions are thought not to tolerate vaping by definition. It includes people whose job requires intense physical activity or moral constraint.

Athletes, for example, are seen as people who have no vicious habit and use nothings that can lead to addiction. Nevertheless, this image is wrong. The point is that athletes are not super humans; they are ordinary human beings like all of us are, and they can yield to the temptation of smoking, vaping, or other addictive stuff too. However, there are some pros and cons of vaping, particularly for athletes.

Vaping Today

Modern vapers are more flexible. Vaping industry is rapidly developing both online and offline. Online vape shops are not wondered these days as well as the new online communities for vapers. Such communities function either as a personalized smartphone app or as a social network.

Such communities are a new social phenomenon, and people of various financial, marital, occupational, or social status can be united by a sole activity of vaping physically or online. Even if your state has strong legislation on drugs, it is possible to order cannabis-infused substances via the best online vape stores.


Vaping and Human Health

Being invented as an opponent of smoking, vaping still derives from the same evil – nicotine. The first point of the correlation between vaping and human health that is to be discussed is the impact of addictive substances (predominantly – nicotine) on vaper’s health. The most widespread addictive element used for e liquids is nicotine. 

The basic idea was to make people quit by gradually decreasing their nicotine level. The problem appeared when experts understood that vape pens make people even more exposed to nicotine and, thus, vape pens are not less addictive than the cigarettes are. In addition, after trying vaping, smokers often become ‘dual users’, so they multiply their addiction.

The other point is the variety of vape pens for dry herbs or mods for waxes. The use of online vape stores provides the opportunity to vape even if you are not of legal age. The majority of them offer CBD, which seems to be completely safe in terms of addiction. However, some people find illegal ways to buy real cannabis and use it by means of vape pens.

As it was mentioned above, many substances can be converted into vapour by means of some types of vape pens. Therefore, people, eager to experiment, often try some new (and sometimes quite dangerous) combinations, which might contain plenty of illegal chemicals mixed, which can both harm your health and become a tremendous hit on your health conditions.

It was last year that the international research underlined the danger of e-liquid aerosol for the vapers and people who accompany them. Heavy metals, oxidizing agents, aldehydes, and some toxins are contained in almost every e-liquid. People, who vape do not only inhale it themselves; they also pollute the atmosphere around them with these particulates.

E liquids are also harmful to second-hand vapers. Being present while somebody uses a vape pen can also result in chronic illnesses or even death (depending on concomitant diseases). The issue of e liquids’ accessibility is still open – you can buy almost any vape juice online, which is dangerous because you can hardly check the quality when buying online.

Each system of the human body suffers from vaping. The danger to the respiratory tract is rather apparent: hot temperatures and microparticles of the vapour irritate and cause inflammation to the airways. The cardiovascular system suffers ultimately because of the nicotine: it constricts the flow of oxygen through the blood and, as a consequence, the other systems lack nourishing elements.

Both male and female reproductive systems can be dramatically damaged by vaping. Pregnant women are strongly recommended not to vape. Moreover, the nervous system gets damaged, as well. Mental health can be under threat, especially if a person vapes for an extended period or had started when the brain was not totally formed, for example, being a teen. 

The immune system often gets weaker because vaping and some diseases can develop because of a lack of protective forces. The other problems linked to vaping include lack of ability to renew after strong physical or mental stress, behavioural deviations, or physical harm, for instance, burns from sudden battery explosion, which is reported from time to time all over the world.

Athletes and Vaping

The issue of athletes and vaping has no separate chapter in the book of life. Athletes are people who need to concentrate more on physical energy and have great opportunities to relax and renew. If they use a vape pen, they consciously deprive themselves of the chance to get a good rest.

The problem with athletes is that they are usually quite a closed community, which automatically means some social roles, psychological pressure, and possible intergroup conflicts. Vaping might seem the only way to relax and forget about the ‘bad things’. 

That is why it is important to observe not only physical stance but also the emotional stability of the sportsperson. Lack of support or self-confidence might turn not only into the loss but also into addiction.


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