WATCH: UFC Fighter Mike Perry KOs Old Guy in Sloppy Bar Fight


Chalk this one up to MMA fighter doing MMA at the wrong time. UFC star Mike Perry, fresh off of a win over Mickey Gall at last month’s UFC Fight Night on ESPN, was out and about when he got into a verbal altercation in a bar.

As these things usually go, it all started as a verbal argument with a group of men before things continued to escalate with Perry issuing the warning “I’ll knock your ass out.”

At one point, an old man charged at Perry and was quickly reminded of why you don’t put your hands on a UFC fighter. Perry clocked the old man who immediately dropped to the floor. Police say the man was unconscious when they arrived to the scene.

Here’s the video:

Perry was not arrested following the incident, but he has reportedly been charged with assault. The 28-year-old admitted to getting physical, but said that he only did so after other people put their hands on him first. This is why social distancing is important, folks.

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