Cam Newton to Pats Reaction, Fights on the Beach, & Ryann From UCLA


Cheers to another week, everyone. Sure, it may be Monday, but if there is ever a week to power through being hungover this is the one because we can reward ourselves with another epic weekend of drinking on lakes and on the beaches for Fourth of July (unless you are in Florida).

But while you were away over the weekend, there was some big news — most notably the Patriots getting the steal of the offseason in former MVP Cam Newton. So, without further ado, let’s indulge.

Video of the Day

When you’re up at the plate, it’s hard enough to make contact with one ball. Now, imagine a fly ball is approaching you from behind and you end up hitting both balls at once. That’s how much of a legend this youngster is.

Sandwich of the Day

This is just beautiful.

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