Mia Khalifa Subject Of Death Hoax

If you’re a guy that’s up to date on gorgeous women of the internet, you’re likely very familiar with the work of Ms. Mia Khalifa. The former porn star-turned sports commentator has maintained a healthy social media presence while trying to distance herself from her past, but this past day she was the subject of a death hoax. After rumors started flying that she had killed herself and it became a trending topic on Twitter, Mia addressed the rumors in the best way possible:



Good to know that she’s taking her own death in stride! With the renewed interest in her name and the general state of things on the internet right now, one wouldn’t be out of line to think that people were cancelling her for no good reason. Not totally sure what’s worse, being cancelled or being supposedly dead, but in this case it looks like Mia was fine with the latter option



On another note, did you know that Mia did porn for only 3 months?? As one of the most viewed performers on PornHub, you’d think it would take quite a lengthy career to rack up the popularity and name recognition to achieve such a feat. The fact that a few months work was enough to vault her into stardom is a testament to just how hot this chick is, and making the career pivot from professional sex-haver to professional sports-talker is pretty impressive. If you’re ever interested in checking out what else Mia has been up to when clothed, she just made an appearance on the show Ramy, which is on Hulu. That said, we might just stick with her earlier stuff. Way more interesting.

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