NFL Roundup: 2020 Return Unlikely, Brady In Red

It’s a busy week for NFL news, with a few different big headlines coming out amid the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic and a few big offseason moves.


For starters, we’ve got Dr. Anthony Fauci saying that the NFL likely won’t be able to play games in the fall for a myriad of reasons. While this might seem pretty obvious considering just how many massive, sweaty, heavy breathing dudes you have on the field at any given time, there also stands the fact that there’s more likely than not going to be a second wave of the virus that shuts everything down all over again. The NFL has stated that it plans to have asses in the stands and players on the field come this fall, but that seems pretty far from realistic.



Fauci proposed that it may be possible to hold a season if players and staff exist in a “bubble” much like what the NBA is doing down at Disney in Orlando. Nobody on the side of the league seems to think that will happen or be necessary, so don’t be shocked if either a) we get no football this year or b) a ton of players get Covid and can never play again.


In less negative news (or more negative if you’re a Patriots fan), the Bucs have finally released official images of Tom Brady and Gronk in uniform.





Not gonna lie, it’s a pretty weird thing to see. Whether or not you hate Brady’s guts, it just doesn’t quite feel right seeing him in anything other than blue and white. Guess we’ve just got to get used to it!

PHOTO: Lamar Jackson, Young Samuel L Jackson Look Freakishly Alike
PHOTO: Lamar Jackson, Young Samuel L Jackson Look Freakishly Alike
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