“Officer Karen” Breaks Down Over McMuffin

No matter what your thoughts are when it comes to the police, you expect at least one thing out of them: a tough exterior that’s difficult to crack. We’re taught to imagine cops to be fearless individuals who are meant to protect citizens. If that image hasn’t already been shattered by recent events, allow me to share a video that surely will:



In case you didn’t quite get the gist of what’s going on here, this officer is crying because McDonald’s took a little bit too long preparing her sandwich. Full blown tears. It’s pretty astounding to see someone who’s paid to carry around a firearm break down because she “can’t see her food being made”, especially when it comes right after the killing of Rayshard Brooks in a Wendy’s parking lot. As the video gained traction, McMuffin started trending on Twitter, and the woman has been bestowed the title of “Officer Karen”. 


Twitter users also proceeded to roast the hell out of Officer Karen, and the dunks just keep on coming:




This also comes on the heels of the NYPD Shake Shack incident, where 3 officers claimed, completely unfounded, that they were intentionally poisoned by workers. In reality, whatever solution that was used to clean the machine just hadn’t been rinsed enough, and there was no criminality to the situation whatsoever. 


Everyone is on-edge lately, but there’s no reason to blame fast-food workers for literally anything that’s gone bad in the world. They work crappy jobs and horrible hours to make food for the masses, and having a breakdown in your car because your McMuffin was a few minutes late is one of the most absurd things someone in uniform can do. That said, I’d love to see an episode of SVU where Ice-T has a meltdown because the McFlurry machine is broken. Make it happen, NBC!

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