Miss Hitler Turns Out to Be a Nazi, UFC Fight Island Location & Bella From San Diego


In the immortal words of LeBron James, “it’s TACO TUUUUUUUUESDAY!” Here in New York City, we are going on 48 hours since Phase 1 of the reopening during the coronavirus pandemic and it’s nice to finally see people walking around and enjoying some fresh air. It may be too early to officially declare we are “back,” but everything is pointing in the right direction. As for the news, we’re getting spicier and spicier as people return to the streets. So without further ado: it is time to indulge.


Video of the Day

Gender reveals are generally obnoxious and lame, but we are desperate for sports so this one hits a little different.

Taco of the Day


Usually this is reserved for the sandwich of the day, but since it is Taco Tuesday let’s take it in a different direction.

Trump vs Goodell, Joe Exotic is Dying, McGregor Retires & Silvana From FSU
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