Annoying Danica Patrick & Her Annoying Friends Act Like She’s Risking Her Life Via Slip N Slide

Danica Patrick continues to be annoying

My annoyance level with Danica Patrick over the years has been super low and then I wake up to this video of her and friends acting like she’s risking her life on this slip n slide into a backyard pool. It’s 200% annoyance on the Danica Patrick Annoyance Scale. Off the charts annoying in only a way Danica and her lame crew can be annoying.

“Full send. If you’re goin, you gotta go full send.”

“You go girl.”

“Good job girl.”

Easily one of the most annoying athletes, now a podcasting (of course she podcasts) influencers out there. Indy cars average like 225 mph around the Motor Speedway & she’s acting like this slip n slide is going to leave her paralyzed. Be more dramatic, Danica.

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