Florida Man Arrested For Whipping It Out In Front Of Woman Trying To Drink Coffee

Florida Man Jousua Echezarreta was arrested for exposing himself / Collier County Sheriff’s office

The weather is starting to get real hot in SW Florida and that means Florida Man is starting to shed layers. Sometimes that means Florida Man’s going to (ALLEGEDLY) dump out his dong and play with it while a woman tries to enjoy a cup of coffee. The problem for Florida Man Jousua Echezarreta is that innocent Florida Woman wasn’t down with his form of introducing himself and she called 911 on his weirdo ass.

From Fox 4:

A police report stated the victim lived on the second floor of the condominium, and her back porch overlooks the pool and the pool deck.

The victim stated she walked out to the porch and sat down to drink her coffee; at that time, she observed a Hispanic male described as wearing a red sweater and no pants or underwear standing by the pool.

The suspect’s penis and buttock were completely exposed.

The victim stated the suspect looked up at her and said “This is what you do to me” and proceeded to walk over to a lounge chair and laid down on the chair, the suspect stated, “This is where you sit.” The suspect lifted his legs and played with his penis and masturbated.

Of course this isn’t Jousua’s first run-in with the Florida fuzz. A quick search of that unique name reveals arrest(s). Trespassing in 2019. There was this one in 2017. There was a 2007 driving without a license arrest. There was a simple weed bust back in 2005. There were even some old robbery charges on his record. He’s done pretty much everything minus murder. Jousua’s pretty much a five-tool criminal (ALLEGEDLY).


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