Julianne Hough Still In Game Shape, Soccer Stadium Sex Dolls & Ed Oliver’s DUI Arrest

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I know you’re starting to get used to live sports again after a weekend with some live sports, but it’s Monday and it’s back to replays. 2018 Chiefs-Broncos is your Monday Night game on ESPN. Pretty sure that’s going to be a Booger-mobile game. #NeverForget. It’s going to be pretty quiet other than that. Maybe it’s a night to rewatch the final two Last Dance episodes. No clue what I’ll watch, but the heat will be on, I’ll be under a blanket and on the couch. That’s right, it’s Memorial Day Weekend week and the f-ing heat is on. This weather sucks disc.

Looks like Julianne Hough has been working out during quarantine

Soccer stadium filled with sex dolls instead of fans

Bachelorette n-word DRAMA from Hannah Brown!

Not many people bet on NASCAR this weekend, according to BetMGM

Ed Oliver popped for DWI during Rona

Cat gets some play time in during this homecast

Florida Man has been stuck on a cruise ship for 8 weeks…here’s what he’s up to

Sara Beth Lawhorn has been keeping busy

Read That One Perfectly Video of the Weekend

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Sandwich of the Day

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Aussie Lily Tierney Checks In, Kevin Love On How Cavs Practice Is Going & Booger’s Not Mad
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