Meet Sarah Beth Lawhorn – Ohio Outdoorswoman

Ohio outdoorswoman Sarah Beth Lawhorn just keeps rolling along over on Instagram where she keeps inching closer to that elusive 100k mark and I’m having trouble figuring out why she’s not over that mark already. She hunts, fishes, hikes, does the outdoor thing, models, decorates her log cabin and even dabbles in fitness influencing. She’s pretty much a dream woman for the men out there who enjoy slamming a Busch Light, get outdoors and enjoy life to the fullest.

Sarah, who was once Miss Ohio and competed for Miss USA as Sarah Newkirk, is a reality show waiting to happen. I can’t understand why CMT hasn’t shot a pilot with her. Just film her life hunting and doing her thing, have her come home and talk about her day with her husband Cody and you’ll have husbands and wives out there in Middle America begging for Sarah’s life. She’s already had an appearance on HGTV’s Log Cabin Living back in 2017, but it’s time to take things to the next level here.

Episode 1:

Sarah and Cody are upgrading and buying their forever log cabin. Their old log cabin was perfect for the first two years of marriage, but now they need more room for content production and for friends to visit after hunts. The couple has trouble agreeing on houses, drama ensues & ultimately the happy couple comes to an agreement that they should buy the 6,000 sq. ft. monster with the giant pole barn that will be turned into a hunters paradise.

Episode 2: 

Sarah hunts turkey to provide protein for the family; Cody starts to worry that Sarah’s been out too long and thinks there’s a possibility the family won’t get a bird for the big day; Then, midway through the 30-minute episode Sarah pulls up in her Polaris ATV with a massive bird in the back ready to be defeathered. The family sits down to a Duck Dynasty style meal & CMT viewers fall in love with them.

Episode 3:

Sarah’s Polaris breaks down & it jeopardizes a deer hunt. There’s this massive 16 pointer Sarah’s been looking to bag and it’s going to be down to the wire for the part to arrive in SE Ohio.

I’m telling you guys, I know a reality show when I see a reality show. Sarah has the chance to do things like The View, maybe even become the Chip & Jo of the midwest. Don’t say I didn’t say so when Sarah hits the big time. It’s coming

Sarah loves America:

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