6 Unbelievable Homes of NFL Players


NFL players are highly-paid athletes that get to enjoy a luxury lifestyle. What’s particularly interesting is that while these players become valued for their skills on the field, many are just as famous for their lavish spending on vehicles and homes. If you’re going to spend millions on a home, at least make sure that it’s money well spent and the property is particularly nice. Here is a look into some incredible homes owned by NFL stars.  

Frank Gore’s Florida Mansion

Frank Gore is a living legend of the game and at the ripe age of 36, he’s still playing at the highest level. After a long and celebrated career, he definitely deserves to have a proper mansion like his Davie, Florida home. The property is in front of a lake with five bedrooms and seven baths, and has a contemporary Mediterranean style. Gore recently listed this house for sale at 1.8 million, if you’re interested in taking a look!

Derek Carr’s Las Vegas Home 

With the 2020 season coming up, the Las Vegas Raiders will be playing their first games in Las Vegas since their move from Oakland. Quarterback Derek Carr has made use of his staggering $125 million dollar deal to buy a new home in Las Vegas ahead of the season. The home is located in the gated community of Southern Highlands, just down the street from the Las Vegas strip and iconic places like The Flamingo, one of the oldest casinos in the city which was first opened in 1946 by mobster Bugsy Siegel. The property is listed as 12,000+ square feet, and was purchased for $3.6 million. It seems Carr isn’t the only one moving out of California either. Former San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers just listed his San Diego home for sale for a cool $4 million. 


Tom Brady Takes Over Jeter’s Mansion

Quarterback Tom Brady certainly could live anywhere he wanted in Florida after recently joining the Bucs. He decided to move into the 30,000 square foot mansion that was built by New York Yankees royalty Derek Jeter. The house is conservatively estimated to be worth more than $14 million. Between Brady, his wife and their three children, there are seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms, as well as a billiards room that wraps around a pool. There are even two boat lifts that give them access to the beautiful Tampa Bay. 

Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick’s new Malibu Mansion

This power couple have recently purchased an absolutely stunning Malibu mansion for the jaw-dropping price of $28 million. The home sits high on a hill overlooking the ocean and just a stroll down to their own private beach. The back view of the home is elegant with large plate glass doors that open up to a boutique and quaint deck perfect for grilling and relaxing in the summer. While the property only has three bedrooms, every inch of the inside is gorgeous and meticulously designed. 

Rob Gronkowski’s Custom-Built Victorian Manner

Gronkowski was drafted by the Patriots in 2010 and played there for what looked to be his whole career after retiring before coming back in 2020 to join Tom Brady on the Bucs. In 2014, he built a gorgeous Victorian style home in Foxborough, Massachusetts, for around $1 million. There is a beautiful large wooden gate at the entrance to the property, and five bedrooms with three bathrooms inside. The entire property is a huge 40,000-square-foot lot. 

Von Miller’s Colorado Dream House

Von Miller’s 12,000-square-foot home was purchased for $8 million in 2015, but after all the renovations and decorations, it’s now estimated to be worth more than $10 million. Because of his enormous shoe collection in the hundreds, Miller built a custom closet that measures 2000 square feet and apparently is quite famous around the league for its intricate design. The home has four bedrooms and four bathrooms, and the master suite is decorated in a Vegas suite style. The most extravagant part of the entire house can be found in the basement. Miller wanted an all-out man cave and brought this concept into reality in his home. There is a gorgeous fully stocked wrap around bar with a rose wood bartop, a pool table, custom poker table, and multiple TV’s throughout. With the appearance of an exclusive lounge, the basement was christened “Club 58” after Miller’s jersey number.  


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