Russian Olympic Long Jumper Darya Klishina: I Was Offered $200k A Month To Be An Escort

Russian Olympic long jumper Darya Klishina sat down with Russian media for a long interview and in it she talked about her life of training in the United States and the differences between her homeland and in the Land of the Free. Darya, who finished 9th in the long jump at the Rio Games, explained to how a man made her a huge offer to provide escort services.


The 29-year-old, who currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, said that she received a message from an unknown man who explicitly invited her into the escort industry and explained all the advantages of being a high-class call girl.

“Can you imagine? I was offered to provide escort services. It was less than six months ago. I was really shocked,” Klishina said, talking to

“An unknown man messaged me on Instagram. I’m not in the habit of being rude, but I adamantly rejected the offer.

“[I said] ‘Sorry, but I’m not interested in that.’ But he continued: ‘Oh please, don’t refuse it, you don’t know all the terms. I’m offering you a huge amount of money.’ He said I will earn $200,000 per month. I was just wondering do I really come across as an escort girl?”

Read more of the interview here. The questions asked by the Russian reporter are actually interesting like one about American teeth. These are the questions you’re not getting out of ESPN. They’d be afraid to offend someone with bad teeth.

Have you met people with bad teeth in America?” 

– Hardly ever. It affects the quality of the water – it is very different from ours. From our water the teeth turn yellow, from this – no. I never whitened my teeth, because I know that I have my own natural enamel – thin, and it’s not worth whitening for my teeth. Plus, I have a good natural color, no problem. But she lived for two years in Florida, and all her friends began to ask: “Such teeth are white, what do you bleach them with?” And I didn’t bleach anything, just really different water from the tap flows.

As for the Tokyo Games, Darya’s going to get a summer off. I’m not sure where the Russians stand with eligibility to compete in the Games. There’s always something going on with them. Sanctioned here, sanctioned there. No clue. The best thing for Darya to do at this point is to keep sending out those thirst traps and maybe one of these guys will pay her to do a Cameo or something safe like that.

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