Lauren Layne Brushes Her Teeth, MJ Terrorizing Teammates & NBA, Plus Tua Buys Mom A Cadillac

“Hey BC, I get a pop-up ad in the gallery and can’t scroll through it”

Hey guys, I heard from several of you last week about the Morning Screencaps gallery and pop-up ads on mobile taking over your phone. I’ve complained to superiors about this garbage for the last 6,7,8 or so years. I get if you guys don’t click on it anymore because of those pop-ups. Then why do you keep using the gallery? One main reason: Because the gallery features the IG models and doesn’t mix well with the screencaps you see below. I’m giving you guys the choice to see the IG models or the sports/weird side or do both. I think the idea here is pretty easy to understand. Why not get rid of the IG models, BC? Because you guys like the IG models.

I don’t do this very often, but I’ll dig into what I see out of the Internet these days. You guys still love exactly what you loved back in 2007 when I started BC. You love women you’ll never sleep with; you love beautiful cars you’ll never own; you love houses you’ll never live in; you love athletes who have athletic ability you’ll never experience or ever experienced. The IG models and OnlyFans models are no different from 2007 when Playboy models dominated the world. Cars are still beautiful. Houses are bigger and more beautiful. And athletes are still athletes. This isn’t reinventing the wheel and the IG models weren’t going anywhere on BC. Google acts like ISIS and tells websites they won’t send ads your way if you feature beautiful women. Whatever. Google’s going to do what Google’s going to do. You guys are the customers and I never swayed from what I tried to do on BC. The business statement never changed and I’m damn proud of that.

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Big Papi’s Boston House Is For Sale Again With New Price – $5,495,000
Big Papi’s Boston House Is For Sale Again With New Price – $5,495,000