Ella Orten Stops By, Pardon Joe Exotic Heats Up & KBO Uses Boy In A Bubble For 1st Pitch

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No idea what reruns are on tonight. Last night I was watching some 30 for 30-like show on Vice about wrestlers that had my attention until I fell asleep. It was an early night. Still recovering from three straight days of great weather. Now it’s back to 48 and cloudy. Time to get things done tonight. I have some wall speakers on the way. Time to get those installed and that job finished off. Probably a good night to turn on Yacht Rock and think of brighter days.

Ella Orten gets the day rolling around here

Pardon Joe Exotic PR campaign ramps up

Ladies are making serious cash on OnlyFans during this difficult time

Uh oh, Brett Favre shows up in Miss. audit report…did he work for that $1.1mm?

Korean Baseball uses boy in a bubble for first pitch…pay attention, MLB

Florida Man backs his Cadillac on top of two cars, does some serious damage

Cops looking for this triggered white guy after he grabbed TV guy’s camera and smashed it

Let’s check in with Shelby Bay

Comin’ In Hot Video of the Day

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Burger of the Day

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Emma Kotos Stops By, Mountain from GOT Deadlifts 1,100 LBS & Florida Woman Gets Crazy On Call
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