Instagram Quarantine Models: Shelby Bay

Instagram model Shelby Bay isn’t lonely during the quarantine thanks to Moofy, her English Golden Retriever, who has to be wondering why his owner isn’t off on a trip creating content. Imagine being one of these Instagram model dogs right now. All you’re trying to do is get a nap in, a couple runs a day, two square meals, maybe lick your balls — if they haven’t been chopped off yet — and your owner is around all day, every day. It has to be a dream come true for these dogs. The bad news is that this is going to end and throw these pets into an emotional mess when suddenly Shelby’s in Qatar for 10 days loading up the content bucket.

Just think of the content gold rush that’s going to take place when IG models suddenly take to the air again. One top model will risk it all and then IG models will have no choice but to jump on those ridiculously low airline flights in May. And then Moofy and all the other IG pets out there will have to go back to boarding, living with relatives, etc. while their owners get out there to make that cash.

“The most exciting thing I’ve done today is check my mail – content options are limited,” Shelby wrote on Monday. I’m telling you guys right now, IG models are beginning to get real nervous about the content catalog situation. These are trying times.

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Hannah Palmer Breaks Out The Corona Content
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