NSFWBDs React To Charles Oakley Slapping Scottie Pippen

Charles Oakley slapping Scottie Pippen / via ESPN

Need any more evidence that Charles Oakley has never been a guy you want to mess with? Some might say bully. Some might say enforcer that made the 1980s and early 1990s NBA crazy AF. The guy was like a hockey enforcer. He was Michael Jordan’s Marty McSorley. And he slapped around a rookie Scottie Pippen before being traded to the Knicks for Bill Cartwright and caught a bunch of Ls to MJ, Scottie and the Bulls throughout the rest of his career.

Of course the NSFWBDs were glued to The Last Dance on ESPN. They watched Oak, born to the mean streets of Cleveland, bully Pippen. They watched the slap and had thoughts.

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