Wrestler Velveteen Dream Accused Of Sending Nudes On Instagram…Was He Hacked?


The wrestling community is trying to figure out if WWE NXT wrestler Velveteen Dream really did send inappropriate nudes via Instagram to females who claim to be under 18 — or was this a case of the guy being hacked and some sort of frame job taking place? Ringside News has been all over this story today. This whole thing started on Reddit where a user made the following claims.

He posted on his Instagram story that his DM’s were open and now he’s genuinely sending my friends and I messages of a $exual nature. I’d like to think it’s a hacker but I don’t know. How do I begin to approach this? How do I contact WWE? I have proof.”

This is what happened with Velveteen Dream

Edit: he blocked me on Instagram after I wouldn’t send him an uncensored n*de pic back

Edit: I’m really worried about all this. Does anyone have legal advice or whatnot? I’m thinking of deleting this all and getting it to police instead :/

Edit: I’m 17, my friends are 15 and 16

Edit: the evidence that it is him is as follows – his phone number is Washington area code, his voice in the calls was accurate, it was off of his verified Instagram account and the picture he sent is believable”

It hasn’t been confirmed whether Dream himself sent the pictures, or his account was hacked. He still has to make a comment on the situation.

Velveteen Dream’s Instagram page is still live. He’s yet to address these claims or say he was hacked. There’s even been this alleged audio file uploaded by one accuser.

Internet investigators have come to Dream’s defense and believe they know this is a complete hack job via the evidence left on screenshots.

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