Arkansas Man Throws Grocery Cart Through Car Window At Kroger In West Memphis

Arkansas Man throws grocery cart through woman’s rear car window / via ABC 24

Ashley Kinney was driving through a West Memphis, Arkansas Kroger parking lot over the weekend when she had her phone running at the perfect time when Robert Jones picked up a shopping cart and (allegedly) threw it through a woman’s rear window. What a video, what great sound. It really is a piece of art during corona times.

Ashley claims in the comments that Jones was released from jail “within the last week.” I’m no anger management expert here, but Jones might have to go to some classes to get this taken care of. Someone isn’t going to handle the quarantine situation very well if this is how he handles a cart left next to a car.

From ABC-24:

Police say the man throwing the Kroger cart through the window of the car in the parking lot is Robert Jones. The officer stopped and took Jones into custody. The woman who owns the car said she saw Jones in the parking lot and hurried to put her groceries in her car. She told police she left the cart next to her car and got in the driver’s seat. She said that’s when Jones grabbed the cart, picked it up over his head, and slammed it into her back window.

Just released from jail, eh?
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