Morgan Kachenmeister Can Launch A Football

Confirmed: Morgan Kachenmeister out of Laguna Beach, California can throw a football. On April 10, Morgan uploaded a video of her launching a football on a post pattern — her first ever football throwing video that I can see on her feed — and now we’re talking a bonafide Instagram superstar after the video blew up. Now sitting on just under 49k followers, Morgan might’ve found her IG niche. A video video posted last week netted 53,000 views and has her on a fast track. 

I’ve said it thousands of times — differentiate yourself on social media. The typical IG model is out here posting the same perfect skin tone photo 20x a month. Day after day it’s the same thing. No skill. No ambition. Pretty much dead inside. Then along comes an IG fitness model like Morgan and she’s launching footballs. Instant follow. I can bring Morgan back once a month and you guys are still amazed at how she throws the pigskin. Why are you interested? Because you can’t find a woman out there who can do the same and it’s intriguing AF.

Let’s say hypothetically the rona comes back in the fall and you get locked down again. Do you want some braindead IG model sitting around taking 50 Snaps until she gets the correct angle or do you want a Morgan clone to toss the football with? Easy answer. Morgan Kachenmeister goes right into the rotation here at BC. Keep throwing the ball.

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