Lucy Robson Gets Golf Simulator To Keep Her Busy During Quarantine

It’s been nearly a year or so since I’ve fully checked in with UK golfer Lucy Robson. She’s blown TF up into a 685k IG follower golf superstar over on that platform where I have to assume she doesn’t pay for things like golf simulators. ”


Welcome to my womancave🏠👩🏼 I’m so excited to have my at home golf simulator! ⛳️ @golfbays made it so easy for me to build and it turned out even better than I had imagined ☺️ p.s. why does it look like I’m about to report the weather?,” Lucy said as she debuted her Golf Bays simulator, sending guys into a complete jealousy rage especially in states where the governors won’t end golf bans. 

I’ve thought about this quite a bit lately: How long could I stay in quarantine if I had a golf simulator, live sports on TV and beer/liquor delivery? Pretty sure I could go a year. Give me four seasons to get through with those toys and I could do it. Think about this for a minute — how much do you really need to be around other people? I get it if you’re stuck in the middle of nowhere and you don’t see another human. But I can go out, cut the grass, see 15-20 people and that’s plenty of human interaction. Now you’re saying I can have a golf simulator and live sports? Screw it, I’m done with going out to bars.

Some of you guys are of the age where you need to be out at a course getting hammered with your bros and smacking asses. I’m not that age these days. I want to tour the world golf courses and not leave my house. Play 18, have lunch, crush beers, play another 18 and then watch live sports. Give me that quarantine life.

It’s great to see the prices on golf sims coming down. Costco’s still selling the granddaddy of suburban sim golf for $14,000, but there are cheaper options out there. Or watch a video and build your own at a cheaper price.

Don’t forget that Lucy’s still doing the trick shots that made her famous in the first place:

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