Meet Jeff Lowe’s Security Guard – Craig Golias

Jeff Lowe’s security guard, Craig Golias, stopped by Oklahoma on Thursday to visit the zoo Joe Exotic made famous only to have the valor stolen by Lowe. Now I’m not sure if Golias is legitimately Lowe’s security guard because Jeff Lowe’s nanny turned out to be a fraudulent nanny and just an Instagram model looking to create some content. Whatever the case, Golias was definitely on the property and enjoying the life Joe Exotic made famous in this part of Oklahoma.

Golias, a 6’3″, 350-pound bodybuilder, is out of Las Vegas where Jeff Lowe still has his finger on the pulse. The casinos and clubs are closed so Jeff might as well bring the muscle to town in case things get heated on some random day in April while the world is closed. “You met the nanny.. now meet our personal body guard,” the Tiger King Park Instagram page reported Thursday.

By the way, Jeff’s now wearing Tiger King Park gear. Looks like he’s going to keep taking everything from Joe Exotic. Sad times when a guy is spending 20 years in jail and you’re cashing in on all that he has left — a reality show park name. Pray for Exotic.

One thing of interest that Golias revealed that I didn’t know is that on the new Jeff Lowe zoo property there will be cabins you can rent out while lions and tigers walk around looking for a way out to rip your arms and legs off.

Jeff Lowe new zoo cabin rentals / via IG Story

Golias Gains:

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