Jeff Lowe’s Nanny: ‘I Got Paid’ To Pretend

Wait a minute here, now Jeff Lowe’s nanny Masha Diduk is saying she was paid to travel to the Wynnewood Zoo, made famous by Joe Exotic, and pretend to be the Lowe family nanny? Are you kidding me right now, Jeff Lowe? You would do such a thing?

“I’m not the nanny I live in Vegas lol. I got paid to go there today to pretend I was the “hot nanny” because so many of their fans were asking them about it after the shows that’s all,” Masha Diduk (allegedly) said on Instagram DMs.

It appears we were duped just like Joe Exotic was by Jeff Lowe. SMH. Of course he would pay an Instagram model to fly to Oklahoma in the middle of a pandemic to pose as his nanny. That’s great content for the zoo marketing team. It’s a smart business decision. There’s no way to get a hot Instagram model to travel to BFE Oklahoma while the corona’s killing people. That said, now we really have to be careful with Jeff Lowe’s claims.

Jeff Lowe & Lauren Lowe with their alleged nanny Masha Diduk / via Facebook Alleged DMs from Jeff Lowe’s nanny Masha Diduk / via Twitter

Meet Masha Diduk – Jeff Lowe’s Nanny
Meet Masha Diduk – Jeff Lowe’s Nanny
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