Kaylen Ostapovich Makes Her Debut, Jay Glazer Promises BIG News & Joe Mixon Threatens Bengals


I fell asleep last night before Kirk Gibson hit his famous World Series home run on ESPN. Not going to lie, I enjoyed watching that old footage on ESPN. I know it’s probably been on ESPN Classic (does that channel still exist?) and MLB Network before. But last night it was just right to watch As-Dodgers. Looks like ESPN will have NBA Finals action on tonight. Who knows, I might enjoy some of that. Depends on the quarantine mood at 10 p.m.

Kaylen Ostapovich gets the day rolling around here

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Jay Glazer says he has BIG news to break today

Joe Mixon threatens Bengals with a holdout

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TV reporter smiles for her selfie with destroyed house

Instagram golfer Taylor Cusack still getting swings in during corona

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