Buy A 9-Foot Alabama Crimson Tide Elephant – $10,000

A 9-foot Crimson Tide elephant is for sale in Tennessee / via Facebook Marketplace

Are you in the market for a 9-foot Alabama Crimson Tide elephant for out front of your house? Does your neighbor always try to one-up you with his Alabama collection? End him with this one purchase — a 9-foot Crimson Tide elephant for sale in Nolensville, Tennessee. That’s right, this elephant is for sale 22 miles south of Nashville, not a bad drive from Alabama. You’ll have this 900-pounder out front of your ice cream store in a half-day.

From the seller:

Life-sized Alabama Crimson Tide elephant perfect for parades, sporting events, tailgates, frat houses, or any Roll Tide event. A one-of-a-kind must-have beast for the ultimate Bama fan. The elephant stands on a houndstooth heavy-duty base. Great for photo opportunities and promotional events. Custom made out of fiberglass. 13 feet x 6 feet x 13 feet. Weight approximately 900 pounds. Currently on a trailer which is available at additional cost.

What’s a 9-foot Alabama Crimson Tide elephant cost these days? $10,000 is the listed price. Seems a little high as the world heads for what could be a global depression. I say you throw an offer of $8,000 at the guy and see what happens. You’ll more than make that back as people stop at your ice cream shop to get a soft serve and a pic with the new content creator. Folks, think of the content you’re going to get out of this object. Remember the goal: get people to share how great your business is without you spending a dollar (other than the elephant investment).

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