Olivia Culpo Hits The Lottery…I Mean…Christian McCaffrey Hit The NFL Contract Lottery

Christian McCaffrey is a superstar. He is the best running back in the league right now in an offense that is completely dysfunctional. I am against paying running backs, but if you’re the Panthers are you supposed to just let him walk?? It’s such a tough place for a team to be, he’s a top-10 player in the NFL, but it’s been proven time and time again that paying a running back this much money doesn’t work out.

If I was to place a bet on it, I would say that Christian will NOT finish his contract in Carolina. They’re going to be in rebuilding these next couple of years and will end up flipping this contract to somebody in win-now mode. But good for Christian for becoming the highest-paid running back in history! He is (if he stays) going to be living in Charlotte for the next four years, so I hope his former Miss Universe girlfriend, Oliva Culpo likes it in the Queen City.

Olivia Culpo celebrates Christian McCaffrey's new contract

Olivia Culpo celebrates Christian McCaffrey’s new contract / via Instagram

Imagine being the highest-paid running back of all-time and also coming home to this… what a life.


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