Grand Rapids, Michigan Easter Sunday Fight Had Cops Making Business Decisions

Watch the Grand Rapids, Michigan Easter Sunday fight while cops tried to not get coronavirus / via Facebook

Things got wild during an Easter Sunday fight in Grand Rapids, Michigan where cops didn’t exactly dig into the fighters to make arrests, as you can see from video of the incident. Annnnnnddddd I don’t blame the cops one bit here. You going to risk getting corona to stop this melee? I’m not. Eventually the fighters tired out and things were calmed down as cops did their best to stay out of the mix.

The coronavirus numbers are starting to fall in Michigan, but the last thing these cops want to do is be on the wrong end of history. As for the guy recording, too many people are bashing Tony Phillips over his camera work. Look, the guy had the balls to go out while corona is floating in the air — hear the person coughing in the background? — and risking his life to get content. Cut Tony some slack here.

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