Kentucky Cops Arrest Man On Drug Charges In A Car Stolen Out Of West Virginia

Kentucky cops caught Cody Mudrinich with some drugs and cash / via Morehead Police Department

Kentucky Man Cody Mudrinich broke lockdown Wednesday night in Morehead, Kentucky where the local cops found him passed out in a stolen vehicle with some drugs, a pile of cash and a fully automatic weapon. Now it might be that Cody was preparing for things to go sideways with coronavirus and he needed cash in case he needed to buy toilet paper out on the streets. Or it was drug money/sales. All I know is that the cops hauled Cody to jail and here we are.

From the Morehead, Kentucky police department:

On the evening of April 8th, the Morehead police department responded to a male subject passed out in a vehicle at the Hampton inn in Morehead.

Officers arrived to find a male subject in the drivers seat of the vehicle passed out. Upon officers making contact with the subject they observed him to be under the influence of Drugs. Officers ran a check on the vehicle and confirmed that the vehicle was stolen out of West Virginia. Officer located $3,654 in cash, Meth, Herion, scales, pipes and other paraphernalia inside that vehicle. Officers also searched a hotel room where the subject was staying and located more drugs, paraphernalia, and a fully automatic weapon.

An arrest of 31 year old Cody Mudrinich was made and he was lodged in the Rowan County Detention Center.

This isn’t Cody’s first rodeo around town with the police. He was in trouble back in the fall for some drugs and shoplifting. There was also a burglary charge back in 2014.

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