Paige Spiranac Puts On Cleavage Putting Exhibition

Paige Spiranac gets the content game. She knows this is the time you strike with your A++ content because people are losing their minds as we head for the coronavirus apex. That means you pull out your cleavage putting stance and place the putter between the moneymakers and hit publish on that Instagram post that exploded into a 1mm view video.

“I love putting because it’s all about feel and confidence. There’s no right or wrong way to grip the putter. Here are some of my favorites! Let me know if I missed any😉,” Paige wrote on IG. She’s done Sports Illustrated swimsuit shoots. This isn’t a new game to an old salty content dawg like Spiranac. She’s bored, you’re bored, everyone is bored. Next thing you know you bust out a cleavage putter grip video.

I’ve warned the ladies over the last four weeks. You’ll be remembered for the content you fired off during this pandemic. Paige has solidified her spot on the coronavirus IG content leaderboard.

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