Meet Hailey Grice – Dan Bilzerian’s Quarantine Girlfriend

Dan Bilzerian checked in with Instagram this morning, something he doesn’t do much these days now that he’s getting older and the coronavirus has people hunkered down. Turns out he’s been quarantining with Instagram model Hailey Grice and writing his book. It appears Hailey’s bored. You know Dan’s bored. Think about the Ignite model community at these trying times. They were used to the life where Dan told a pilot to take them to some exotic location and eight women jumped on with Dan and a photographer.

Now Dan’s sitting around writing a book. I would’ve never guessed this is how 2020 would be going as we dig into the first full week of April, but here we are. Hailey’s desperate to create new content. Dan’s desperate to shoot guns and drive off road trucks through the desert. And all of us are sitting here wishing Dan could leave quarantine and risk it all for a content rush.

Hailey said it all over on Facebook back on April 2: “missing the beach .”

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