Deion Sanders Quarantine Beard’s Filling In

Deion Sanders quarantine beard is filling in / via Instagram 

What’s Deion Sanders up to during quarantine on his ranch in Texas? Bearded Deion is slamming the big bass in his ranch pond. Not a bad life, eh boys? Look at that smile. That’s a guy who’s glad to be quarantined because it means he has all day to get his line wet and make you guys jealous.

“This is what i do in Quarantine or not! Just me and the fish baby.¬†#CountryPrime¬†#Truth,” Country Prime wrote on IG. His Mike Tyson or Dolphins Ricky Williams beard is coming in to the point where he might want to just keep it when the world goes back to work and he needs to be on TV for NFL Network around the draft.

Prime’s beard had me thinking Dolphins Ricky Williams post-awakening trip to New Zealand or wherever he was living off the grid, possibly smoking weed for a year:

Or is it more Mike Tyson:

Deion Sanders beard / Instagram Story

Emotional Mike:

The 2020 NFL Draft is Loaded with Offensive Talent
The 2020 NFL Draft is Loaded with Offensive Talent