Jas Sievers & Oregon Softball Team Check In From Quarantine Via TikTok







Jas Sievers and the Oregon softball team are having a viral week via TikTok where they’ve come up with a quarantine video that has people losing their minds in a good way. The Ducks decided to have some fun with a before/after video, leaving some to say the team has been created in a lab somewhere. It might be true.

You might remember back in January when Ducks outfielder Haley Cruse posted TikTok batting cage videos that went nuts. Now Sievers, a sophomore infielder who was tied for fourth on the team in RBI this season before corona, comes along and creates this one. This team might be quarantined, but they keep figuring out the content game better than any other softball team out there. Give them an ESPY.

I can’t even tell if Cruse is in this video. The Ducks just keep coming out of the woodwork. Content machines.



Joe Exotic Tests Positive For Coronavirus
Joe Exotic Tests Positive For Coronavirus