Oregon Ducks Softball Player Haley Cruse Dances On TikTok, Turns Into A Star











I’m pretty sure we posted Haley Cruse at some point over the last couple years, but I can’t seem to locate a post so we’ll act like you’ve never met Haley on the Internet. Anyway, Haley figured out a way to go viral and all it took was TikTok, some dancing and a softball batting cage and the next thing you know Haley has put herself and Oregon softball on the map and it’s only January. The season doesn’t even begin until February. Haley has time to make all sorts of TikToks.

Here’s the video that has turned Haley into a star:

And just like that, 1.2 million video views in less than 24 hours. Haley’s sitting on 110k Instagram followers, almost 75k Twitter followers and probably a ton of TikTok fans after this one and the senior can finally cash in on all of it when the season ends in May. The Ducks were 22-30 a year ago after going 53-10 and making the College Softball World Series in 2018.

Go crazy Haley Cruse. Get those followers, get those clicks, get ready to get paid. All she has to do is dance.

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