Premier League’s Timm Klose Enjoys Netflix With A Side Of Pornhub

Timm Klose forgot to close his Pornhub tab while showing people what he was watching on Netflix / via Twitter

Premier League soccer player Timm Klose was just trying to show his fans what he’s up to in quarantine when he forgot to close a Pornhub link while showing off his Netflix binge to people on Instagram Live. The PornHub link was to /stayhome, which is the landing page where people can get free Pornhub premium access if they promise to stay home.

From The Post:

With the Premier League suspended until April 30 due to the coronavirus crisis, most soccer players have been finding ways to fill the void of life without the Beautiful Game.

The 31-year-old also had a tab open — likely without realizing — to steamy adult site Pornhub and fans were quick to make light of the error.

Timm’s just out here trying to be responsible. No shame in that game. And the good news here is that Timm did this and it has sorta gone viral which means you guys who didn’t know about the Pornhub premium deal can now go jump on it.

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