‘Dildos Are Not Essential Items’ Amazon Worker Says After Walking Out In Protest

An Amazon worker is mad because the company keeps shipping dildos instead of just essential items during the coronavirus pandemic / via WXYZ

Amazon keeps selling dildos during the coronavirus pandemic and a worker at a Michigan warehouse is fed up and walked out in protest to say the company needs to change its ways during these troubling times. The unidentified Michigan Man says he’s risking his health to ship loads of dildos.

From Kim Russell at WXYZ in Detroit:

Just interviewed a worker who walked out to protest conditions at the Amazon warehouse in Romulus. He says he got a text this morning saying 3 coworkers are sick. He says Amazon says it is essential, but it is out of many essential items. He says he is risking his health to ship a massive amount of dildos. He is calling on the company to cut hours or staff to allow for social distancing and only sell essentials.

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