Missouri Man, 47, Lies About Coronavirus Test To Get Out Of Arrest, Eventually Gets Arrested

Larry Moore told Missouri cops he had coronavirus so they didn’t arrest him / via Dallas County Sheriff’s Office

Missouri Man Larry Moore, 47, probably couldn’t stop laughing when the Dallas County Sheriff Department deputies fell for his story about getting tested for coronavirus when they showed up to a disturbance and determine Moore had an outstanding warrant. The deputies didn’t arrest Moore, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t stop being cops.

From the Springfield News-Leader:

Documents say the responding deputy chose not to arrest Moore at that time “for the safety of law enforcement.”

Later that day, court documents say law enforcement received a tip from a witness who allegedly heard Moore admit he was lying about the coronavirus test to avoid getting arrested.

Documents say later that evening, the sheriff spotted Moore at a Sonic restaurant, and Moore was arrested and charged with making a terrorist threat. Deputies say he showed no symptoms of the virus during the jail screening process, and he was held in isolation before being released days later.

Larry couldn’t keep his big dumb mouth shut and it cost him. The cops showed up at Sonic and got his ass, sent him to jail and now he faces up to 7 years on a terrorist threat charge. All Larry had to do was go to quarantine, not say a word and he’d be a free man for a long time since cops aren’t exactly in the mood to go round up these weirdos with warrants.

Larry’s lying isn’t an anomaly. Texas Man Michael Brandin posted on Facebook that he tested positive for coronavirus and it caused a huge panic around his town. Turned out he was lying. The cops showed up and arrested him for it.

Doesn’t sound like Danielle’s a big fan of Larry:

Sounds like Larry has a history / via Facebook
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