Hire The Tiger King Cast To Do Cameo Personalized Videos

Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe will leave you a message on Cameo

Want a personal video of Jeff Lowe saying “f*ck Carole Baskin”? What about a video of James Garretson riding his jet ski and shouting out a personalized message for you? Of course you’re in the market for something crazy as f*ck right now and it doesn’t get much crazier than the cast of Tiger King doing Cameo videos for you guys. John Finlay will do shoutouts with his new teeth. Saff is doing messages. So is Joe Exotic’s campaign manager Joshua Dial. Hire the Tiger King cast to do Cameo videos for you.

I didn’t think Dial would be the big breakout star on Cameo, but he already has five customer videos posted. Same with Saff. Personally I’d have to splurge and pay the $99 if Garretson will do a jet ski video for me. Imagine Joe Exotic sitting in jail hearing for the first time that everyone else is making money off him being a huge moron. All these other bit pieces to his story getting famous off him. Has to be sending him over the edge.

Cameo prices for cast from Tiger King to make messages for you:

Doc Antle: $125

James Garretson: $99

Jeff Lowe: $95

Kelci Saffery: $65

Joshua Dial: $50

John Finlay: $75

James Garretson on Cameo Doc Antle will do messages for you on Cameo John Finlay from Tiger King is on Cameo Saff will do messages for you on Cameo Josh from Tiger King is on Cameo
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