Fake Pop-Up Coronavirus Test Site Sets Up In Louisville

Fake coronavirus testing site busted in Louisville / via Facebook

A pop-up coronavirus test site in Louisville was busted trying to take samples and things turned emotional when Summer Dickerson, a local woman from Women of the Well organization, found out about these scumbags trying to scam people. There’s rumors in Louisville that this is the same dirtbags that were caught trying to get DNA samples from people.

The Courier Journal reports:

Two medical marketing companies peddling coronavirus tests — including one that promises results in 24 hours — charged individuals who exhibited symptoms up to $250 per test.

The sites have been in various locations around the city, including Sojourn Church in Shelby Park, as well as Wayside Christian Mission and a Marathon gas station on Broadway downtown.

Here’s more footage of the fake Louisville Coronavirus test site that was setup on Wednesday:

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