Instagram Quarantine Models: Madi Teeuws Makes Mask Out Of Her Bra

University of Texas grad Madi Teeuws has made an appearance or two over the last year or so on BC, but this time she gets a full blown post after what she posted over the weekend where she cuts up a bra to create a mask. That’s right, takes a boob cup and turns it into a corona-fighting device. That’s the kind of ingenuity that saves lives during pandemics and it’s to be commended. Here I am trying to find extra masks around the house and all I have to do is show this to Mrs. BC and we have masks for days.

Now, you have to figure the FDA, USDA, CDC and all the other government agencies on this case would probably say that a bra isn’t N-95 and it can’t fully be trusted to save you from the corona, but at this point it’s more about feeling safe and if you feel safe wearing a bra mask, wear it. Your mental health is just as important these days. Don’t go jumping off a roof thinking the virus is attacking you. Hole up at your residence and throw on a bra mask. Maybe eat a gummie to calm the nerves and try to get some sleep.

“I’ve been finding so much peace in this time. Some days are better than others but it’s all about perspective- look at it as a time to reflect, cultivate gratitude, work on hobbies, ideas, tasks that you haven’t seemed to be able to get around to, and regain appreciation for all we have in this wonderful life. There’s so much power when we unite under the same cause ✨,” Madi wrote on an IG this weekend.

Well said, Madi!

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