Paulina Gretzky And Sister In Law Sam Maddox-Johnson Fire Up TikTok

It was just a day ago I mentioned in a Brooks Koepka-Jena Sims blog that it was interesting how we hadn’t seen anything out of Paulina Gretzky during corona. Fast-forward like 12 hours and there was Paulina on a boat in Jupiter doing a TikTok dance with sister-in-law Sam Maddox-Johnson. This isn’t great social distancing, but there’s no way either of these two have the rona so everything is great. Corona isn’t taking out the hot Instagram models so everything is cool here.

The other big news here is that Paulina has a TikTok. Had no idea. I hate to add another social site to my daily routine. I’m stretched thin as it is and all I want to do is hit up 2-3 of them and be done. Snap, Twitter and IG. TikTok will need one of these three to disappear. Annnndddd…Paulina’s account is private.

Anyway, thought you guys would like to know how the rich and famous are celebrating their quarantine life. Looks miserable.

Instagram Quarantine Models: Sveta Bilyalova
Instagram Quarantine Models: Sveta Bilyalova
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