Nashville Woman Finally Arrested After Being Caught Performing Oral Three Times On Same Guy

Sarah Raetzloff arrested for performing oral sex outside Nashville bar / via MNPD/ScoopNashville

Nashville cops were finally fed up with Sarah Raetzloff (allegedly) blowing a guy for the third time in one night (March 24) and arrested her for indecent exposure after finding her blowing the guy in the doorway of the Tequila Cowboy on Broadway. Nashville bars are on lockdown so it’s no telling where Ms. Raetzloff and her man were hanging out that night besides in doorways doing sex acts. What, these two didn’t have a place to quarantine? Get a room Sarah, there are plenty to go around.

From ScoopNashville:

Sarah was given a warning the first time and received a state misdemeanor citation the second time. She was not issued a citation this time due to the likelihood the offense would continue. Police took Sarah into custody and transported her to booking.

That’s right, the cops caught her blowing this guy THREE TIMES. That’s how empty the streets are. Sarah can’t even blend into a doorway to blow a guy the streets are so empty right now in Nashville. You have to assume here that the cops didn’t want to take Sarah into the jail considering she could be carrying corona. Hell, they probably didn’t want her in their cars or to even be touching her to apply the cuffs. Tough time out there for the cops dealing with the scumbags who can’t find four walls to blow a guy. A quick check of the local court records shows that this isn’t Sarah’s first rodeo with the police. She seems to be about this life.

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