NSFWBDs Analyze Joe Exotic and Tiger King

Joe Exotic from Tiger King on Netflix / via Instagram

I already know that white people think Tiger King, Netflix’s newest series featuring the legend Joe Exotic, is a smash hit of 2020. Now what do the NSFWBDs think of the craziness that was dropped on us this week. The BDs are just about as speechless as the rest of us, but I get the feeling they’re not feelin’ it as much as the white people. Truth be told, this is some seriously white people shitt from Joe Exotic and the rest of the crazies.

The BDs are definitely into the whole Carole Baskins thing and where the body is. The overwhelming feeling from the BDs is that Joe Exotic caught a charge from being setup and that’s a sticking point for them. Pretty sure the best way for all of you to experience Tiger King this weekend is by getting high AF and binge-watching the entire series. Hold onto your asses.

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Best Joe Exotic Tiger King Memes & Photoshops
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