Boober Eats Strippers Start Delivering Meals

Boober Eats strippers deliver meals in the Portland, Oregon area / via Twitter

The Boober Eats strippers have started delivering meals in the Portland, Oregon area and customers are lining up for the ladies to stop by to drop off those hot meals. Industries change during tough times and the stripper industry has officially figured out there’s a market for strippers dropping off food and maybe shakin’ it a little before they head to the next delivery.

From the NY Post:

Dancers arrive escorted by a formidable bodyguard — to ensure their safety, foremost, and also be sure that potentially COVID-19-infected customers don’t try to get handsy with the women. Boulden is also outfitting his staff with face masks, disposable gloves and sanitizing wipes.

Like hairstylists or tattoo artists, strippers are generally considered independent contractors rather than employees, meaning they have to rent their space on the pole. For the same reason, they also aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits.

The other good news here is that bouncers can stay employed by Boober Eats because the ladies need backup when they’re out delivering items. This really is the heartbeat of America. Coming together to solve a problem the American way, with ingenuity. The course of American strip clubs is forever changed. Stripper food delivery will now evolve and the government will begin figuring out how they can get involved and try to ruin the fun.

I tried to put in an order to see what it would cost to have the Boober Eats stop by, but it appears the ladies are restocking supplies and won’t be back on the streets delivering until Thursday night. You can order Boober Eats delivery here.

Boober Eats is restocking

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