Tennessee Man Uses Spider Lift To See Grandma Under Quarantine At Assisted Living Facility

Tennessee Man Samuel Peyton brought in his boom lift to see his grandma on second floor of senior center / via Facebook

Tennessee Man Samuel Peyton, owner of  TN Tree Pros, brought in his spider lift Saturday to visit with his grandma who is quarantined at the Commonwealth Senior Living center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Here you go, good old fashioned American ingenuity from Samuel. By now you’ve seen people across the country visiting their parents and grandparents on the first floor of assisted living facilities. Now the game has officially been changed by Samuel.

Grandma’s assisted living facility has been under quarantine since Monday due to Covid-19. I hauled my lift over today to pay her a visit on the 2nd floor. While there Davie and I cleaned her window to help give her a clearer view during the lockdown. Grandma was really excited to see us . . . she wasn’t too happy when I started sending Caley and Lisa up towards the roof level instead of to the ground. She was pointing down with a real mean look on her face. 🤔😄😜

Samuel adds that he plans on cleaning other second-story windows if he’s allowed.

It was good to see Grandma. Thankful to have my All Access Equipment lift during times like these.

My contact at United Rentals says you can get a 30′ articulating lift for about $500/day delivered with insurance if you’re looking to see your grandma and you want to do it in style without worrying about standing on a ladder.

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