Johnny Manziel Quarantining At The Golf Course, Not The Clubs

Johnny Manziel quarantined at the golf course / via Instagram

You know how I know Johnny Manziel is taking coronavirus seriously? He’s quarantining at the golf course and not at the clubs. His words. Johnny knows in these troubled times you can’t be in a club possibly infecting 2.5 ladies while enjoying bottle service. No, you do social distancing at the golf course while chillin to Bastille and his boy Marshmello.

It was March 7 the last time we heard from John Football and he was in the Bahamas enjoying NFL retiree spring break life. It would’ve been easy for Johnny to return to the States and go find a party. That’s what old Johnny would’ve done. This 27-year-old Johnny has matured into a golfing machine, like O.J., who seems to be at peace away from corona on the course. They say to not be in groups bigger than 10. Well, Johnny isn’t golfing with more than three other guys and he’s divorced so it’s not like he’s out here community spreading.

Louisiana is trotting out Coach O as their spokesperson to calm down this corona garbage. Some network should have Johnny do some PSAs in this time of crisis.

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