Buy This Pile Of Junk Steelers RV, Blow It Up Later

Buy this Pittsburgh Steelers RV

Imagine you’re a Browns fan and the coronavirus finally washes away. You’re finally allowed to leave the house and you have all this built up anger. And then imagine having a pile of junk Steelers RV that you bought during the corona waiting to be destroyed for the fun of it all. That’s your chance right now, Browns fan. There’s this pile of junk, Veronica the Van, RV sitting in Pittsburgh just waiting to be towed to Cleveland and be blown up by dynamite or whatever method you choose in June when people are ready to blow shitt up. These opportunities don’t come around very often.

From the seller – asking price is $1,000:

Hi this is Veronica the Van. I bought her with intentions to turn her into a cool tiny home that was pink, but sadly I realized quickly I cannot do the manual labor it requires. Hope she goes to a good home. She has character. 80000 miles but I think less actually. I tore out the walls so I started the Reno process for you. Tore the steeler stickers off. No electric and water and needs some new tires and has squishy breaks but like I said, i dont have the mind for this stuff. She does run! Great pet project if you have the time.

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