NSFWBDs React To Tom Brady Leaving The Patriots

Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots / via ESPN

It’s all over for Tom Brady and the Patriots. 285 games. All those Super Bowl rings. 9-7 was his worst full season as the Patriots starting quarterback. The greatest quarterback in the history of the NFL decided his future isn’t with New England and, if he wishes to keep playing, it’ll have to be in a new city. Tommy and Bob Kraft met Monday night and put their emotions on the table. In the end they both knew it was time and it had to be over in New England.

First thing I thought of…what do the NSFWBDs think of this. I don’t care what the ESPN talking heads think. You really think I care what Dan Orlovsky thinks of this news. HELL NAW. In fact, I pride myself on thinking of Dan Orlovsky as a douche going way back to when ESPN started forcing him into my living room for like eight hours a day. That douche’s hair isn’t allowed to be on a TV in my house. No way. This Orlovsky guy puts on glasses, gets a 2018 haircut and all of a sudden millennials think he’s the second coming of Lombardi.

I go to the source of the Real Talk Express and that’s the NSFWBDs. I want to know what they think of this news:



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