OJ Simpson Wears Gloves To Protect Against Coronavirus

OJ Simpson protects himself against coronavirus / via Twitter

“Never too careful,” OJ Simpson said this week while wearing golf gloves, a mask and his Titleist visor as he sprayed down cash he won on the golf course with what appears to be Off. Look, OJ has a point here — someone could kill him with coronacash and at 72 he’s at high risk of being murdered by this virus. Never take things lightly if you’re the Juice. if that means wearing gloves to do a job, you wear gloves.

OJ’s clearly been reading CBSNews.com:

Public health experts believe the novel coronavirus, which causes the potentially deadly COVID-19 disease, is transmittable through “fomites” — surfaces, including paper money, that have been handled by an infected person.

“The belief is that these viruses can stay on surfaces in their fully active states for at least 10 days. That includes cash and all kinds of other surfaces that people normally touch,” Dr. Sanjay Maggirwar, chair of the George Washington University School of Medicine’s department of microbiology, immunology and tropical medicine, told CBS MoneyWatch. “So certainly with the coronavirus, cash handling is a concern.”

OJ isn’t the dumbest athlete you’ll ever come across. The guy got off a double murder charge & clearly isn’t going to let corona take him down.

The last thing Nicole saw?

Here are the numbers and why OJ Simpson’s not taking chances with corona:

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