Baker Mayfield’s Enjoying Cabo Vacation

Baker Mayfield’s on a trip to Cabo with a bunch of friends / via nicm999/IG Story

Baker Mayfield’s on vacation (along with the wife) this week in Cabo where he and the boys are doing some deep sea fishing, some yachting and having some general fun that comes along with a grown up spring break. At first I thought they were staying at Villa Vegas Dave, but upon further inspection the place appears to be nicer — at least the pool area is — than Dave’s place.

If we compare Baker’s Cabo trip to Patrick Mahomes Cabo couples trip over the weekend, it’s not even close — advantage Baker. Both did the yacht rental thing, but it just looks like Baker’s got the better crew to have fun. Patrick had his annoying brother along for the ride and the annoying girlfriend — advantage Baker. Of course Patrick’s about to hit the contract motherlode so you have to figure he’ll be upgrading his friends retreats down the road — advantage Mahomes.

Nothing crazy to report from Bake’s trip. One guy lost a bet and got a dolphin tattoo poolside at the villa and Baker took a selfie with a sea lion. It’s the offseason, you get what you get around here.

Patrick Mahomes Includes His Dopey Brother On Cabo Yacht Trip
Patrick Mahomes Includes His Dopey Brother On Cabo Yacht Trip
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