Not All Sports Have Been Cancelled…Spring Break’s Still Going On

Let's see which one wants it more on the beach

Let’s see which one wants it more on the beach / via Twitter

If you thought all sports were cancelled due to coronavirus, you’d be wrong because there are still Oklahoma drills going on at spring break beach locations where ladies are going one-on-one. That’s right, the NCAA DID NOT cancel spring break so there’s still plenty of drunken content to come from that content machine. Mrs. BC texted me today asking what I would do now that sports are cancelled.

Well, BC was founded on the ridiculous side of things so I can pretty much turn all sorts of stuff into content. We have NFL guys on vacation. We have NBA guys who’re going to be bored AF and looking to create content. There’s always baby mama and side piece drama. Don’t think for a second that the world is just going to sit still and not create content. We humans are built to create content and use our bodies. Don’t be shocked if backyard boxing makes a comeback over on Facebook Live. I expect plenty of bar fights. I wouldn’t be shocked to see some sort of huge girlfriend drama with one of the NFL guys. You can’t keep these raging maniacs holed up long before content erupts.

Watch for the hip toss!

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